10 Years Ago…

Ten years ago, I was a sophomore in college. I hadn’t learned how to drive. I couldn’t speak a word of Japanese. I still thought I could make Chemistry work for me as a career. I was still a virgin. My male-pattern baldness hadn’t manifested yet. I had never been outside of the US. I did not own a passport. I had a fat redneck for a roommate. We argued about whether or not NASCAR qualified as a sport. We fought over where to keep the thermostat.

Ten years ago, my radio turned on around 9am, as it always did when I remembered to set the alarm. Usually, if we were lucky, music would play. Classic rock. If we were unlucky it would be a commercial or ten. Loud and effective as an alarm but not interesting.

Ten years ago, however, the alarm played nothing but fearful noise. Broken, unsure, confused, and frightened noise. My roommate turned on the TV and we stood watching until everything had ended. Empty, I took a shower. I couldn’t think of what else to do. I went to class.

Ten years ago, I and the world changed. That’s something hard to forget. I wouldn’t want to and hope I never do.


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