How to improve travel in Tokyo

Trying to get anywhere in Tokyo can range from extremely convenient to hot needles in the eyes level of frustration. These are some thoughts of mine that if everyone did, I would at least be happier for it.

Walk like you have a purpose.

This is a big thing. In my mind the only people allowed to stumble around the city without a care are drunks, children, and hobos. Everyone else, I don’t care if you’re on your way to a Directionless Adults Anonymous meeting, walk like you mean to go somewhere.

Don’t block traffic.

If you stop in the middle of the flow of pedestrian traffic, everyone hates you. You are that person. If you’re lost, need to make a sudden phone call, or scratch your butt then do us all a favor and take it to the side. This also applies to groups that take up the whole sidewalk moving slowly while laughing a dentist drill pitch. Whole offices of drunk people standing around taking an hour to say good night after your company mandated all you can drink night is over. Also people that get on trains as the doors are about to close and don’t clear the area. I will bump into you in a passive-agressive manner if I’m trying to catch that train.

Let the trains go where you think they will.

Many times I’ve gotten on a train only to have it suddenly stop service only a few stops later. Often this means shifting over to a more crowded car. Just the other day I took a train way out of my regular stomping grounds. It stopped three stations from where I wanted to be. In my confusion I switched to a train in the other direction. I changed again only to have that train stop at the same station as the previous one. Nearly an hour wasted to what should have been only 20 minutes.

Just be aware of your surroundings.

I will admit, I am not perfect. Sometimes I try to walk and text at the same time. Sometimes I need to turn around and catch my bearings etc. However, most people just don’t seem to give half a microshit about the space they occupy. Take a moment to notice when you’re aggravating a fast walker like me and you might avoid a few more umbrella stabbings than usual.


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