Where do you live?

If I were to be honest here for a moment, this is simply an attempt on my part to not fall behind too much on my blog postings. That being said…

Stealing ideas from other people and adapting them as your own is the highest form of flattery. Or is it plagiarism? I forget. Anyway, I would like to hear from anyone that so deigns to acknowledge my internet space existence at this point, about the place you currently call home. In exactly 100 words. That’s the trick. 100, no more, no less. I’ll be counting.

That is if anyone participates…but to get the ball rolling…

Towering buildings. Cramped spaces. Glittering lights. Sweltering nights. Tokyo is a city that varies drastically depending on which station you step out of. Shibuya is the living embodiment of fashion, most current trends and image of the future. Five minutes away by train you find Shimo-kitazawa which is small, quiet, and rather hipster (Hipsterish? Doucheoisie?). 

Tokyo is a city that can remind me that I am far from home yet can provide moments where I forget that I am in Japan. I say this not to disparage the town but to point out how wonderfully diverse the distractions are here. 

The winning entry will receive nothing a firm pat on the back.


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