Tokyo Live Showcase: Blue Line

I’m not much of a music critic. I also only go to concerts if I know someone in the band. Fortunately I seem to have acquired a number of musical friendships over the last few months. So last night I went to check out a new band by some of my friends called “Blue Line”. They’re a triple vocalist set-up with a more traditional Jazz band in back. Right now they sing mostly early to mid 90s R&B/Hip Hop songs. Makes for a very interesting idea.

I really like the venue as well. A smallish bar out in Higashi-Kanagawa (or Tanmachi depending on where you’re coming from) that always has some local band playing a good gig. The owner is even in another band by a friend of mine. I’ll have to make a post about them next time I go to one of their shows. Of course concerts are a bit damaging to the old wallet. Not because the cover is outrageous or anything but bar price beers can add up. I dropped about 5000 yen last night. That’s why I only go to bands featuring people I know. Even if I don’t like the band (hasn’t happened yet by the way) I’m still supporting my friends.

The show was good. A nice mix of songs and I liked the four-piece band way they did the music. As a layman when it comes to music this style doesn’t bring to mind the image of guitars and drums, so I felt it was a fresh take. I will say, even though I know (hope) that some of the people in the band will be reading this, the energy level was lower than I expected. I chalk that up to being the first time the group performed together live and that one of the vocalists was sicker than a dog in a Canine Sickness competition. One of the songs was completely unrehearsed because of said illness but the owner of the bar jumped in to provided some pretty great back up. I liked that a lot and it showed how good the group was musically that they could do something off the cuff like that. But that’s the nature of Jazz.

So if you’re in the Tokyo area check them out. Though if you’re in Tokyo and reading this blog the chance you already know these guys is pretty good. So come out next time!

Gallery and video to follow, comments are more than welcome.


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