Tokyo Live Showcase: Disco Inferno

It was hot for October. That annoying level of heat where you felt a bit too cold in a T-shirt but too hot in a jacket. If you wore jeans like I did then you might get the trickle of sweat down the back of your knee if you did any amount of walking but you’d begin to shiver if you stood still. A fucked up paradox of a weather pattern.

By the time I’d stepped through the doors of the “What The Dickens” bar in Ebisu, I’d been through a marathon private lesson schedule, coffee and indian curry dinner with an excellent friend of mine, and a few beers in between. I was bone tired and arriving at a time I figured would qualify as “fashionably late”. However, the bar was only about half full, though as spacious as it is there were still a large number of people. I purchased my first drink of many and found one of my friends connected to the band. They had been asked by the management to push the show back an hour so the late arrivers like me could fill in.

It was a good idea. By 9pm the place was packed. Squeezing through the crowd was an exercise in subtle mind control. In America it might be proper just to push through and make space no matter how many sharp elbows need to be thrown. This is also a good way to get into a bar fight. In Tokyo a more subtle slithering is required. Be sure to smile and throw out a “How ya doin?” if personal space gets a little too tight.

Eventually the band took to the stage. Disco Inferno. Not the song, that’s the band name. An interesting mix of incredibly talented musicians with names like, Buddy Love, Magic Man, and Princess Giggles. They each swear to me, under the giant afros that they have to a man (or woman in P. Giggles’ case), those are their real names. After several beers I choose to believe them.

Disco Inferno plays three sets. This is not the most common configuration that I’ve seen in my limited experience. Perhaps the alcohol and experience of being there in the moment lead me to see other things, but the show seems to be almost literary in nature. By that I mean the three sets follow a loose three act structure. Introduction, build up and rising action, climax and downward resolution. End each break with a cliffhanger.

Whatever it is it makes for a hell of a show. I don’t even like disco music really, but I enjoy everything that comes out of this band. The energy is ecstatic. If anyone at said show reads this, I must apologize for disappearing in the third set. The heat generated by all of those rabid fans crushed my already weakened constitution for the day and drove me to seek some semblance of solitude.

Trust me though, it was kick ass. Pictures and video to follow. Sorry about the shit quality as my camera is rather weak-sauce. And with the video I was more concerned with rocking out in the crowd than taking a proper video.


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