New Year’s Resolution

It’s amazing how quickly Christmas went from everywhere to nowhere in the span of just a day. I don’t remember what it was like so much in America, perhaps I never really paid attention. It seemed like to me, in the fuzzy memories knocking around in my head that there was at least a day or two of “Christmas Hangover” in the general culture.

If I’m wrong be sure to let me know or else I’ll never learn. Anyway, over here it was quite stark. Christmas isn’t quite as ubiquitous as it is in the states (despite what conservative media would rather you think). Still, in one stint in a coffee shop I heard at least five different covers of John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas”. It’s Japan’s most over done Christmas song by far. The very next day, however, everything was gone like I’d shifted into a new dimension that had no such thing as Christmas while I slept. It was sudden is what I’m trying to say.

Of course now that Christmas has come and gone it’s swiftly approaching time for the next real big holiday in Japan. New Years. Did you know Christmas isn’t a national holiday in Japan? I know weird isn’t it…

The first three days of January are holidays though. If translated the titles of said days off are “First three days of the new year”. That’s hardcore. The new year is a time for reflection on regrets and hopes for the future. And that takes three days in Japan apparently. It’s a time to visit shrines (Shinto) or temples (Buddhist) and get your fortune told. Last year I think I got the “sorta lucky” general fortune. Hopefully this year will be a little better. I probably have to go to a better shrine though. (Some are luckier than others but those are usually packed)

Of course in America we have the tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions. Promises we make to ourselves that we typically cast aside after a few weeks to a few months. This too is tradition. Last year my resolution was to be better to myself. Open ended promises are better because they’re far easier to break without anyone noticing. I did quit smoking though so I guess we can call that a success. It’s been 4 months as of this writing.

So chalk it up as a victory, how can I build on that? I think when I made the resolution last year I was thinking only in a physical sense. This year I think I’ll continue the same idea (recycling completely/semi-failed resolutions is also tradition) but I’ll try to be better to myself mentally. This is a difficult task in such a soul sucking pit of concrete hell that is Tokyo (just kidding but not for real though). Hopefully I’ll be able to escape for a day or two in the new year, depending on if I can get a bullet train seat. I should probably check into that sooner rather than later.

Anyway, as a tangible goal, my resolution is to finish my book started in Nanowrimo season. And by finish I mean extend, edit, and release it into the wild. Either to publishers/editors/agents (will give it a shot but I think Japanese mythology based supernatural crime noire is rather niche’) or into the gaping suck-maw of the self-publish market place. I’ll need readers and maybe someone who can draw/computer-up a cover for it. So if you’re interested let me know.

Tune in tomorrow for Chapter 3 since feedback so far has been pretty positive. And I still need to practice using the delayed post feature to see what that’s about.

Stay Creative. V(^_^)

Edit: Me no good with mobile WordPress app. Rargh…


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