A trip out of Tokyo

Last week I was given a gift. A ticket out of the city for a day. So not knowing what to do I went where my friend suggested, a little place called Hamamatsu. This sleepy stop on the shinkansen line is famous for eel and gyoza. Neither of which I was able to sample on the trip.

Getting there took about four hours by the slow train as our magic escape tickets did not allow access to bullet trains. Given our need to return the same night that left us only about 4 hours to sightsee. Fortunately it was well worth it. One or two stations away from Hamamatsu is the Suzuki Motors main factory and museum.

I was not expecting to be so entertained by a museum about a car company. One floor was dedicated to making a car from the start in a board room design meeting to final manufacture. There was even a robot!

The next floor was the grand history of the Suzuki motor corporation. Unfortunately the museum began to close as we were only halfway though this part and the final tour was rushed. This was a sad thing as the history floor was much more interesting, and entertaining!

After we were ushered out to the tune of “Old Lang Syne”, (so many places use that song to indicate closing times here!) the sun was setting and so was our time for the trip. We wanted to go to the observatory of the tallest building in town but it closed before we could get there. C’est la vie. Anyway, lots of pictures with my old crappy camera to follow. Enjoy!


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