Under construction

I’m planning to do a lot of updating and refiguring of my blog space existence here on the interwebs so things might seem a little odd. I’ll probably be adding one or two more layers to my personal blogosphere to spam you all with. Not going to apologize for it. Because I wrote myself into a corner on that one. Anyway, might have noticed a change in the overall look. Not sure if I’m going to keep it. Depends on how much time I’m willing to spend on learning WordPress.

Anyway, if you’d rather stab ice picks in your eyes rather than read this theme (just based on the appearance not the content, I already know that’s awful as is) be sure to let me know or there’s a chance it might stay this way.
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2 responses to “Under construction”

  1. Snellopy says :

    I prefer the change you made to the change already. I’ve had you listed in my RSS feed for a while now, so I swung by and checked it out and thought “wow, what a classy set up!” I was expecting some of your photos for a header or something, but I figured that might come.

    Then I was randomly clicking links on the internet today, and noticed the page layout first. “Awesome! Someone else knows about him!” I thought, but then realised it wasn’t you, and you were using one of the default or selectable designs, and some other punter had chosen it too.

    I dropped by tonight to mention that, and was pleasantly surprised to see that you’ve swapped it out already. I don’t know if it’s your photo up the top there mate, but I’d much rather something that makes your stand out from the crowd, rather than an off the shelf thing. Nothing wrong with starting with one of them, as long as you put your own stamp on it.

    • yojimbojapan says :

      Thanks for the comments! The picture at the header is mine but you’re right about the theme. I am working on building my own website currently, based on WordPress but with some extra (hopefully) interesting features. It’s a slog though because I have zero coding experience. Keep an eye out though! I’m hoping to have it done this week.

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