I moved to Japan almost 5 years ago with hopes to discover what to do with my life. I complain a lot. But the people I’ve met, the things I’ve done and have yet to do, keep me here. Plus Tokyo is one amazing town.

Despite all of that I’m one of the most die-hard supporters of my ancestral home, Carrboro, North Carolina. Can’t stand to follow politics as much I used to though.

Call me John, with an ‘h’. And yes, the ‘t’ in LaTorre is capitalized. Pronounce the ‘e’.

(C) 2011 John LaTorre: Writer and Experienced Drunk

Twitter: @yojimbojapan

Google+: John LaTorre

Facebook: Sorry, I have to meet you in person at least once. I haven’t been able to find myself there through searching so if you do manage it, let me know so I can strengthen my security. I don’t want you on my facebook unless we’ve met. And you have nothing to do with my job. So there. Sorry.


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