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Went for a walk today

Riveting title isn’t it? I have been pretty busy lately. Lots of events and opportunities to make up for lost drinking time. I certainly didn’t miss the hangovers I tell you what. I think I came to a realization about why I was drinking. I think I’ve covered it enough though, and if you’ve spent time with me recently you might’ve heard about it.

Basically, alcohol makes a terrible psychological pain killer.

Today I had some free time and was down in the city while I had it. Since I skipped breakfast I decided to trek on down to Harajuku for a fantastic spicy chicken pita sandwich and an interesting one sided conversation with the man running the joint. Long story short I learned he was from somewhere that has a lot of basketball players and he was therefore, upset at the lack of an NBA season. He neglected to mention the exact name of his country of origin though I think that the prominent Turkish flag behind him was a clue. Makes a good kebab if not good conversation though.

After lunch, I decided to take an amble around the area to hopefully work off some of the meal. I think one of the secrets of surviving Tokyo is to walk down a street you’ve never been down before. It’s surprisingly easy to do and even easier to avoid doing.

So I wandered around and took these pictures. Not much more to say I guess but it’s better than nothing.