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That time I slept under a bridge….

No don’t worry, I wasn’t a hobo for a day. Or trying to score some drugs or nothing.

No, it was a BBQ! During a typhoon! (Remember what I said about crappy weather yesterday?)

(That's not me)

Yeah I’m going to try and make this a photo blog of some sort. Need the practice with images and such. Anyway this is a friend of mine passed out by the fire.

Careful young son!









It was a bit cold that day for August. Again, crazy weather. So we made a fire. Maybe not the best idea with young children running around constantly but I’m of the school of thought that if kids aren’t in a least a little bit of danger most of the time then they aren’t being raised right.

I have no kids and grew up in the South during the 80s.

Speaking of these kids running around, this was with a group of friends I’ve known for almost as long as I’ve been in Japan. I’ve been to two of their weddings, soon to be a third. I’ve watched them have three kids, soon to be a fourth. We get along so well, I think, because they can all drink as hard as I can.

Barely two years old and already mugging for the camera.

Case in point. This little darlin’ was just a sparkle in her daddy’s eye when I met him.

Mugging champion!









I think you can see where she gets it from.

It was a wonderful time even though I showed up way late because I was so passed out drunk┬ásleepy that I didn’t hear my friend come by to pick me up. The sad part is it almost didn’t happen. Another friend of ours was involved in a serious traffic accident a few weeks before the BBQ. We all lost some sleep to worry those first few days, I know I did.

He’s doing better though. Still a long way to go but he should survive at least. That was a pretty big question early on. OK, enough depressing stuff.

Yeah I fell asleep by the fire too, twice…